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The journey of Arsenal Bengal Supporters Club started off back in 2010 as a facebook group in the name of Arsenal Kolkata Supporters Club. However, in 2012, the Kolkata based Arsenal fab club got registered with the Registrar of Clubs and Societies as an Association of Persons in the name of Arsenal Bengal to cater to the greater geographic reach. 

The co-founders of the Club are Sumantra Das and Pranay Jain. They started Arsenal Kolkata Supporters Club in 2010 by organising small screenings. However, later the Club was renamed as Arsenal Bengal Supporters Club and sadly due to their other priorities, they are not attached with the club anymore.

The Club got its recognition as an official Arsenal Supporters Club with over 250 active members back in 2015 and have grown steadily since then. At present, it boasts a memberbase of over 1000 Gooners and Goonerettes ranging all over West Bengal. 

As a club, Arsenal Bengal has always tried to follow the concept of greater good. It has always been socially active and our annual intra-club football tournament 'The Arsenal Insider' is aimed at raising donations and awareness for different social causes like Women Empowerment and fighting against Leukemia and other life threatening diseases. 

The Club is proud to announce that it has also developed an amateur football team from within the club members which is slowly but steadily gaining recognition in the amateur football circuits of the city.


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