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Ashburton Cup 2022

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Arsenal Bengal Supporters Club hosted the second edition of their open to all 6 a side football event in 2022, named the Ashburton Cup v 2.0!

Venue: Turf Air Plaza

Date: 10th April, 2022

Time: 10am to 9pm

Tournament Details:

Participating Teams: ABSC Ballers | Hale Enders | FC Avengers FC | SWFC Black | Lebu Lonka FC | FIIOB | ABSC Red Army | Saturday Socceroos | Urban Sporting FC | Soccer City FC | Kandari FC First Gate Thekbaaj | ABSC VSA | FIIOB Junos | PGDSM | SWFC White | El Tornado | FC Ideal | DUFC | BKFC | Young Guns | WAM FC | El Paso | MR Traders

Champions: Kandari FC

Runners Up: MR Traders

Semi Finalists: ABSC VSA | FIIOB

Quater Finalists: Young Guns | El Tornado | Avengers FC | Urban Sporting FC

Top Scorer: Sanjay (Kandari FC)

MVP: Bijoy Murmu (ABSC VSA)

Event Highlights:

Arsenal Bengal fielded three different teams in Ashburton Cup v2.0 : ABSC Ballers, ABSC Red Army & ABSC VSA, the team from the Vivekananda Academy of Purulia, which is supported by ABSC and consists of underprivileged players belonging to Santhal and Kudmi tribes of the area. We are proud to announce that ABSC VSA reached the semi-finals and their player Bijoy Murmu was named the MVP of the tournament.

Ending note:

Arsenal Bengal would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every sponsor, participant, supporter and the management of Ashburton Cup v2.0 for turning up and making this event a huge success! We hope all of you enjoyed the day. Ashburton Cup will return next season to host you guys again. Till then, we will keep meeting here and there. Also, a few friendlies in the meantime will always be fun.

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