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Rajshri Sinha

“Hello, I’m a first year college student. I enjoyed watching football matches with my siblings but never got a chance to play, until one of my teachers in school asked me to play for the school team. And since then it’s been fun playing football. And now I’m thankful being part of this team too."

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Ronjini Dasgupta

"I've been following the sport since 2010 but started playing only 4-5 years ago and instantly got addicted to it. Football is more than just a game. I forget all my worries the moment I step onto the field. I wish to see my country play the World Cup someday and do my bit to make women's football at par with that of men's."


Jordine Mary Kharkongor

"I love to play every other sport but football is my favorite. It is one of the most unpredictable team sports which makes it exciting. My love for the game is one of the biggest reasons I play football. I have realized that football brings people together. It helped me developed my patience and tolerance. Moreover, with every new skill that I learned in the field, it somehow bettered me as a person. Football has made a huge impact on my life positively. Though winning and losing is a part of the game, I just love to play the game because it keeps me in the present moment - now and here! Football, to me, is really a perfect expression of many of the greatest parts of life: freedom, beauty, and passion."

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Paulami Bag

"I am a banker. I have been watching and playing sports since I was ten years old. I have been playing cricket professionally since 2014 for my district. I have been involved with football since 2019 and have been learning the Goalkeeping skill of the sport since. Lumos Femini has been more than just a football team for me and no matter how far I stay from the team practice due to my job my loyalty will remain constant for the team."


Amreen Naaz

"I am Graduate in Economics and currently preparing for UPSC. I also run an NGO named Humans for Humanity. I am a fitness freak and Football is now Connected to my soul. Just want to explore the world of Football.❤️"

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Aspriha Mandal

"I studied Mass Communication and Videography. I had met them last year when I was finishing off my on and off morning run and ever since then it was been quite a journey, football literally came into my life and since then things have changed! as I explore more and more I find myself bit by bit through this beautiful sport. Playing in the last line of defence and facing the strongest! Also having the best of team mates and coaches just makes it better day by day!"


Smridhi Saha

"I'm studying in class 12 (humanities stream). And further, I'll be studying Psychology in my future and my aim is to become a psychologist.  Football is my favorite hobby and my position is forward. I've been playing this game since class 4 and I've learned a lot from this game. This game means a lot to me and football has and will always be having a special place in my heart ❤️."

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Akansha Mukherjee

"Back in 2014, the Brazil world cup inspired me to get on the pitch and kick the ball around with my neighbours. For the next 3 years I lived and breathed football, staying up till 4am on school nights to watch the nailbiting UCL fixtures or attending football camp for over 2 hours in the morning and following it up with an evening round till well after sunset. I've played other sports, but the adrenaline of scoring goals or even a good pass, dribble or reception is unparalleled. I'm glad I found my way back to football, thanks to Arsenal Bengal and hope to rediscover my passion all over again!"


Saloni Sharma

"My journey to Football was quite unexpected. When I joined my college I had to join any sports keeping my all-round development into consideration. I met one of my seniors who asked me to join the college football club but after a few months, we got notified that there will not be any practice session for football in our college. Being a beginner, this news was heartbreaking for me. After a few days, I met Ronjini Di, one of our team members and Captain, and she asked me to join Lumos Femeni and now this is the place where I get intrinsic motivation to play Football."

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Saanvi Tiwary

"I started playing in 2nd grade because my brother started playing as well and I always had a weird habit of copying everything he does. Now I just play for the thrill of it and want to keep improving in it."

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Sramona Bose

"While many people believe the stereotype that football is for men, their beliefs are false and wimpy ! That's where my game started. Never realised when exactly I fell in love with the game but it's an inseparable part now. Started the journey with collage tournaments; later played for my office team (captain) and in Bangalore City FC (ameture) as a winger. They say it's never too late.. after an ACL injury, here I am starting from zero again !!"

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