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Arsenal Bengal - The Past, Present and the Future!

Hello Gooners and Goonerettes! We are Arsenal Bengal and we are finally HERE! Let me talk you through the story of the commencement and the growth of Arsenal Bengal.

Penned Down by: Sauradeep Ash


The Rise:

Back in 2012, a group of football enthusiasts, who also happened to be supporters of a certain club in North London, namely Arsenal (as there is only one club in North London) decided to meet up on an afternoon in Kolkata. They met and decided to connect themselves through the social networking sites and form a group called Arsenal Kolkata Supporters Club in Facebook. And the journey started there, the journey of Arsenal Bengal. Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal which also is the abode of Indian football, is the home of Arsenal Bengal.

First Arsenal Bengal screening
First Arsenal Bengal screening at Urban Desi on 29/09/2012


Sumantra Das and Pranay Jain


At the nascent stage, the vision of the Arsenal Bengal pioneers was to connect with more of the like-minded (Arsenal) fans in and around the city of Kolkata. The Facebook group was created so that Arsenal supporters around the city could have the knowledge of our existence. While the initial purpose was low scale, but the organization has evolved with time and since then have grown in leaps and bounds. The pinnacle of our surge came back in 2015 when we got our official recognition from the Arsenal Football Club.

Campaign and Events:

Arsenal Bengal has an annual football tournament for the Arsenal supporters, namely ARSENAL INSIDER where the members come together to showcase their footballing skills. But the aim of the tournament is solely to raise money that is mainly used for various social welfare works.

Arsenal Insider 2019
Arsenal Insider 2019

Apart from that, Arsenal Bengal are indulged in organizing match-day screening for our supporters so that the Gooners can experience the ambiance of the match-day together under the one roof.

Many other online social media programmes are also conducted by Arsenal Bengal that bring the members of the Arsenal Bengal community together and get them involved in the Arsenal world.

Medium scale charity events are also organized by us, and the main reason of our devotion to such social works are to give something back to the society that nurtures us.

Social Media:

We created our group on Facebook and started with a handful of members, but the numbers have grown as the day has passed and presently our group has more than a thousand members. We do have a Facebook page and a Twitter and Instagram account as well.

Follow Us:

To the Members:

The inception was back in 2012, and since then we have taken some big leaps together and hope to continue our journey as a family. You have been amazing and without your support we wouldn’t have grown where we are right now. We need your support to reach new heights. We hope you will be there, supporting us and helping us to take our next leap of success. Your co-operation is solicited and see you soon. COYG!

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